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Honorary Président
Valérie RAULT



Genesis of the team :

Along the first months of their activity, Bourgès R.’s editions became a true team. The initial duo composed of Patrice BOURGES ROUHAUT, a piano teacher and Valérie RAULT (We are anxious to let you know the sudden dissappearing of Valérie RAULT in november 1998), a bookseller was joined by Armelle COCHERIL as a score creator, soon after.
Created 6 years ago, this firm owns today a structure allowing the creation, the making and the legalisation of its own scores. Today it intends to extend its activity in the world of music.

First idea :

Our main concern was to create scores adapted to the true wishes of pianists :
The idea came from an established fact : Pianists’ pupils like their teachers experienced great difficulties to find in the repertory of the French song, sheet music scores adapted to each level of learning. This leads to the creation of rigid sheet music scores with an evolutive level in Crock’Music and counting collections. These scores allow to diversify the work of the musician who is thus able to go freely from the classical repertory to the more usual repertory of the French song. The idea recieved a promising reception from the part of booksellers and teachers.
BOURGES R’s editions then started their activity.
We always pay a particular and motivated attention to professionals and also amateurs and this is thanks to these combined abilities that we go foward.

A little history :

To sing seems to be pre-eminently a free act. Then for about a thousand years authorities supervise chansonniers and door-to-door salesmen. First, this the church which, in the Middle Ages, wants to censor profane songs. Then this is a royal authority which tries to prevent the contesting song in vain.

But, since a thousand year, a new form of censorship appeared as song became an industrial product. This commercial yoke on song comes from tecnical progress at the level of recording and distribution but also paradoxically from the creation of copyright :
-In 1791, BEAUMARCHAIS obtained from the law the acknowledgment of copyright.
-In 1851 SACEM is created (society of authors, composers and music editors).

Since then the editions will be the interpreters of the public tastes detaining mass criteria, notions of listening signs and mdium public…

The world of the editors of scores knew all along its industrialisation the same economic rules, and now essentially proposes a « generalist score ».
This is why BOURGES R’s editions propose several repertories specific to the actual word of piano.

The site www.ebr.com.fr :

More than a simple booklet of music scores, the site www.ebr.com.fr collects several headings moving around our passion, MUSIC.
The firm MODEL-FX (Bordeaux) elaborated this space and allowed each of our works to be visible and audible enough to give our customers a precise idea of their qualities.
The enclosured headings explain the increasing number of our visitors (16000 by month).
Raphaël BURGHATZ has the exclusive responsability to manage and animate the site www.ebr.com.fr.

Best musical regards

Patrice Bourgès


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