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The CrocK' MusiC collection consists of transcriptions of French songs for the Piano, coming with their words. These music sheets, sold singly, are made by a teaching staff gathering several piano teachers. They are graduated in levels of difficulty (from 1 to 9) [see table] being able to satisfy initial and confirmed. The music sheets are printed on rigid paper of great quality and are conditioned in a transparent plastic small pocket.

Two staff visual samples.....Aide pour les ?chantillons sonores ...20 seconds audio samples
If you have problems listening to audio samples, please click on the above link.

BRGS0154Je suis malade (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Dona, Alice / Lama, SergeAssez difficile
BRGS0156Le sud (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Ferrer, NinoAssez difficile
BRGS0185Sous le ciel de Paris (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Giraud, Hubert / Drejac, JeanAssez difficile
BRGS0189J'te mentirai (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Bruel, PatrickAssez difficile
BRGS0190Qui a le droit (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Bruel, Patrick / Presgurvic, GérardAssez difficile
BRGS0121Pas le temps de vivre (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, MylèneAssez facile
BRGS0129Tous les garçons et les filles de mon age (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Hardy, Françoise / Samyn, R.Assez facile
BRGS0162Le pornographe (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesAssez facile
BRGS0168Les sabots d'Hélène (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesAssez facile
BRGS0187La complainte du phoque en Alaska (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Rivard, MichelAssez facile
BRGS0108Etoile des neiges (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Winkler, Franz / Rosa, MaliaAssez facile
BRGS0106Mon Amant de Saint Jean (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Agel, Leo / Carrara, EmileAssez facile
BRGS0089Les trompettes de la renommée (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesAssez facile
BRGS0056Tout le monde y pense (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisAssez facile
BRGS0048Fuir le bonheur (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, SergeAssez facile
BRGS0043Pull marine (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, Serge / Adjani, IsabelleAssez facile
BRGS0041Qui a tué grand-maman ? (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Polnareff, MichelAssez facile
BRGS0020Voyage en Italie (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Carre, Benoît / Dirand, CatherineAssez facile
BRGS0017Si maman si (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Berger, MichelAssez facile
BRGS0008Le jazz et la java (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Nougaro, Claude / Datin, JacquesAssez facile
BRGS0005Couleur café (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, SergeAssez facile
BRGS0003La ballade de johnny Jane (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, Serge / Birkin, JaneAssez facile
BRGS0120Les yeux noirs (OCHI TCHORNIA) (Collection CrocK'MusiC)TraditionnelAssez facile
BRGS0164Les amoureux des bancs publics (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesAssez facile
BRGS0170Céline (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Shuman, Mort / Buggy, Vline / Aufray, HuguesAssez facile
BRGS0125Bras dessus bras dessous (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Nougaro, Claude / Ecay, Jean-MarieDifficile
BRGS0133La Foule (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Rivgauche, Michel / Cabral, AngelDifficile
BRGS0135A Bicyclette (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Barouh, Pierre / Lai, FrancisDifficile
BRGS0139Famille (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Goldman, Jean-JacquesDifficile
BRGS0186La Mer (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Trenet, Charles / Lasry, AlbertDifficile
BRGS0188For me formidable (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Plante, Jacques / Aznavour, CharlesDifficile
BRGS0191Je m'voyais déjà (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Aznavour, CharlesDifficile
BRGS0192Göttingen (Collection CrocK'MusiC)BarbaraDifficile
BRGS0112Personne (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelDifficile
BRGS0111Chanter (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelDifficile
BRGS0101La Marseillaise (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Rouget de Lisle, Claude JosephDifficile
BRGS0099L'important c'est d'aimer (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Guirao, PatriceDifficile
BRGS0094Cécile ma fille (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Nougaro, ClaudeDifficile
BRGS0090Si j'étais elle (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Clerc, Julien / Bruni, CarlaDifficile
BRGS0073Dis lui toi que je t'aime (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, Serge / Langolff, FranckDifficile
BRGS0067L'envie d'aimer (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelDifficile
BRGS0010Lucie (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelDifficile
BRGS0160Chanson pour l'auvergnat (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesFacile
BRGS0166Le gorille (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesFacile
BRGS0085La tarentelle (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Duteil, YvesFacile
BRGS0061L'eau vive (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Béart, GuyFacile
BRGS0055Champs-Elysées (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Wilsh, Mike / Deighan, MikeFacile
BRGS0054Santiano (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Aufray, HuguesFacile
BRGS0014Le petit âne gris (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Aufray, Hugues / Buggy, VlineFacile
BRGS0012Mélissa (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Clerc, Julien / Mc Neil, DavisFacile
BRGS0011Le lundi au soleil (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Juvet, PatrickFacile
BRGS0009Le lion est mort ce soir (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Luigi / Peretti, Hugo / Weiss, GeorgeFacile
BRGS0007En l'an 2001 (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Bachelet, Pierre / Lang, Jean-PierreFacile
BRGS0006Elisa (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, Serge / Colombier, MichelFacile
BRGS0004Les copains d'abord (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesFacile
BRGS0002Armstrong (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Nougaro, Claude / Vander, MauriceFacile
BRGS0122Millesime (Collection CrocK'MusiC)D'aime, Julie / Obispo, Pascal / CalogeroMoyen
BRGS0123Rêver (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0339Ne me quitte pas (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brel, JacquesMoyen
BRGS0102La petite femme et la mer (Collection CrocK'MusiC)VangelisMoyen
BRGS0176La Javanaise (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Gainsbourg, SergeMoyen
BRGS0124Une femme avec une femme (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cano, José-MarioMoyen
BRGS0126Je te rends ton amour (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0127Innamoramento (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0128Et si vieillir m'était conté (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, MylèneMoyen
BRGS0130L'hymne à l'amour (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Piaf, Edith / Monnot, MargueriteMoyen
BRGS0131La Bohème (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Aznavour, CharlesMoyen
BRGS0138Nantes (Collection CrocK'MusiC)BarbaraMoyen
BRGS0151Les amants d'un jour (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Delecluse, A. / Senlis, M. / Monnot, MargueriteMoyen
BRGS0158Y'a d'la Joie (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Trenet, Charles / Emer, MichelMoyen
BRGS0230Les hauts quartiers de peine (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Dominique A / Breut, FrançoiseMoyen
BRGS0251Aubade (Jeux interdits) (Collection CrocK'MusiC)AnonymeMoyen
BRGS0336L'aigle Noir (Collection CrocK'MusiC)BarbaraMoyen
BRGS0337La Mauvaise Réputation (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brassens, GeorgesMoyen
BRGS0338Parole, Parole (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Chisso, Matteo / Del Re Giancarlo / Ferrio GiovanniMoyen
BRGS0198Plaisir d'amour (Collection Crock'Music)Martini, Jean-Paul / Claris De Florian, Jean-PierreMoyen
BRGS0223Je l'aime à mourir (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisMoyen
BRGS0117Ainsi soit je (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0107Prendre un enfant par la main (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Duteil, YvesMoyen
BRGS0104On the road again (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Lavilliers, BernardMoyen
BRGS0100Mon avion t'attend (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Golemanas, DidierMoyen
BRGS0098Padam Padam (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Glanzberg, Norbert / Contet, HenriMoyen
BRGS0087Il me dit que je suis belle (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Brewski, SamMoyen
BRGS0082Pas toi (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Goldman, Jean-JacquesMoyen
BRGS0081Octobre (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisMoyen
BRGS0080Et un jour une femme (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelMoyen
BRGS0075Hijo de la luna (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cano, José-MarioMoyen
BRGS0074Moi lolita (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0063Hors saison (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisMoyen
BRGS0062Des heures hindoues (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Daho, Etienne / Munday, DavidMoyen
BRGS0050Le temps des cathédrales (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cocciante, Richard / Plamondon, LucMoyen
BRGS0049Belle (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cocciante, Richard / Plamondon, LucMoyen
BRGS0044Il faudra leur dire (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisMoyen
BRGS0042Chanson d'ami (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Zazie / Baron, PhilMoyen
BRGS0019Un homme heureux (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Sheller, WilliamMoyen
BRGS0016Savoir aimer (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Obispo, Pascal / Florence, LionelMoyen
BRGS0015Quand je serai K.O. (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Souchon, AlainMoyen
BRGS0013Message personnel (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Berger, Michel / Hardy, FrançoiseMoyen
BRGS0119Laisser le vent emporter tout (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Farmer, Mylène / Boutonnat, LaurentMoyen
BRGS0196Les mots bleus (Collection Crock'Music)Christophe / Jarre, Jean-MichelMoyen
BRGS0225Petite Marie (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Cabrel, FrancisMoyen
BRGS0340Mistral gagnant (Collection CrocK'MusiC)Séchan, RenaudMoyen
BRGS0018Travailler, c'est trop dur (Collection CrocK'MusiC)TraditionnelTrès facile